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I had an idea for an amazing set of plush about a month or so ago. The idea being get a plush set done of my trainer character Kana and her Pokemon team all made to scale with each other. I asked LRK-Creations if she would be able to make them for me and she said yes! She is the same girl who made my giant Arcanine.

All of the plush will be jointed (well the ones that can be anyways). Some will also have accessories. I am so looking forward to doing photo stories featuring Kana and her team.

All of the Pokemon that will be made:
Fang the Arcanine
Truffle the Swinub
Cinnamon the Sentret
Creampuff the Whimsicott
Asiago the Jolteon
Toast the Cyndaquil
Kalliope the Lapras
Mochi the Wartortle
Tamago the Togekiss
Jello the Shellos
Sashimi the Magikarp

So far Kana and Truffle are finished. More photos below the break.


WP_20130412_002 WP_20130412_003 WP_20130412_011 WP_20130415_010WP_20130415_005 WP_20130415_006 WP_20130415_007

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