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 I got a big package from Noppin today! Fang my Arcanine decided to help with opening it and rescuing its occupants. Check below the cut to see who arrived!

BoxOpening2Fang tore open the tape on the top of the box. He said he spotted a small pink thing behind some bubble wrap.

BoxOpening4He dug the small pink thing out, which turned out to be the Ichiban Kuji Mew Figure. Attached to the back of her box he found a small brown envelope with a Swinub Pan Sticker in it.

BoxOpening3 Fang then dove back into the box to see who else was inside of it.

BoxOpening5He pulled out a bunch of new arrivals including two Lapras plush, the DX Jolteon plush, two Whimsicott badges, a Swinub zukan, and a very small and rare Farfetch’d ceramic bell charm.

BoxOpening6Fang greeted all of the new arrivals with a great howl of excitement! He said he can’t wait to be friends with the new arrivals.

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