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BoxOpening01 My 2nd box from Noppin arrived last week. I got 3 big Giratina figures, a tiny Cyndaquil plush, the New Jolteon Pokemon Kid, a Wartortle Pokemon Kid, a Sentret Pokemon Kid, and the Sentret/Furret Dex Charms.

More photos of the above plus some other gets below!

BoxOpening02The biggest Giratina figure came in a lot with the Larvitar plush and the Zuroark plush. I am planning on selling those two at some point.


Here is an up close photo of the three Giratina figures. I am still not sure what exactly they are. I do know that the two smaller ones are TOMY figures of some kind.

Lots of Gets

Some of my Noppin gets mixed in with a couple of others. I got two 151 figures, one of Arcanine and one of Magikarp, two small Growlithe figures, a European Candy Figure Cyndaquil, and two metal Mews.

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