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So a couple of days ago an adorable Substitute plush arrived, along with a matching strap of itself and Whimsicott. I also received the new TOMY Jolteon figure. So now I have both the old and new one.

Recently I won quite a few things off of Yahoo Japan using Noppin. So I have some more items on the way, one of which is the DX Jolteon plush. I decided to rearrange my collection to make room for him. So check out the photos after the break.

FireDogCove1Introducing the Fire Dog Nation! They used to share a cube with my Giratina’s, and now they have moved into there very own wall cove. This used to be the Jolteon Wall Cove but they moved to an even bigger spot. Anyways last month I got both of my fire dog grails, the UFO Arcanine plush and the Canvas Growlithe plush. I am so happy to finally have them in my collection. I really love my Arcanine.

JolteonWallCove5Welcome to the new and very much bigger Electric Wall Cove! In anticipation for my DX Jolteon plush and the other Jolteon plush coming out later this year these guys moved into one of the wall cove areas in my bedroom. Its sooo much roomier then the previous space they occupied. Also I cannot get over how cute the Ippai Jolteon figure is. I so cannot wait to add the Kyun Chara Jolteon to my display either. So many Jolteons! Also Raichu <3

Mew2The Adorable Mew Mountain! I am so glad to be able to check off one of my Mew grails as well, last month I got the small Mew Walky plush. She is so cute! Now to somehow get the bigger one. At the bottom of the photo you can see the Gloom charm I got for my best friend Jaclyn and the Minccino/Chillarmy strap I got for another friend.Cottonee-Whimsicott1The land of Cotton and Whimsi welcomes you! I have added quite a bit to my Cottonee/Whimsicott collection since my last update. I also acquired the super adorable Substitute plush.

Cyndaqil-Giratina1Ghost Dragons and Cyndaquils! This is the tiny cube that my Giratinas used to share with my Growlithes and Arcanines. For the time being my Cyndaquils have moved in. Lots of Chou Get Giratinas arrived since my last post.

Magikarp3Meet the King of the Koi, Magikarp! I am way too excited about the PKMNCollector Pathtag being a Magikarp this year. I did not expect it to be a Pokemon I actually collect. Anyways since my last post I gained a Pokemon Kid and the two tiny figures. And my TOMY Gyarados decided to come keep the charm of himself company.

Swinub1Adorable Ice Piggies! These little piggies used to live next to the Whimsicotts, but have now moved to there own shelf. I am waiting on the zukan of them to arrive, I so cannot wait to get it.

Shellos1Sea Slugs plus Mawile. Nothing has changed with these guys besides there location.

Lapras2Kind of hard to see these guys in this picture. I actually moved them to the shelf up above the one in this photo, but I have not had the chance to get a new photo. I will prolly take one once the two other Lapras plush I have on the way arrive.

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