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A bunch of new Pokemon for my collection arrived in the mail today. More photos after the break!


A couple of new additions to my slowly growing Arcanine collection. On the left is the Arcanine Pokemon Kid figure and on the right is the Arcanine TOMY figure.


Yay! More Jolteons. First up is the Jolteon Pokemon Kid from 1997. So now I have both the regular and clear versions. And I also received the Jolteon Dex Charm. I didn’t realize how small they are, I was quite surprised when I pulled it out of the package.


Three adorable Cyndaquils arrived today as well. From left to right: Cyndaquil Pokemon Kid without Flames, a Cyndaquil Banpresto figure (I am not sure from what set), and the newer Cyndaquil TOMY figure.


More Mews arrived as well. The plush in the back is a custom made Teru Teru Bozu, which is a doll that are amulets for good weather, believed to have the magical power to stop or even prevent the rain. I cannot get over how cute she is. You know what is amusing? When she arrived it was raining a lot and as soon as I was able to get the package open the rain stopped. I guess she really is magical.

I also received the newer Mew TOMY figure and the winking Mew Pokemon Kid figure.

NewArrivals-Giratina Mawile Lapras

And last but not least, these three arrived. I normally do not collect Mawile, but the Pokemon Time strap of it was too cute to resist.

The Giratina is the newer 2009 TOMY figure. So far I have the 2007 and 2009 Altered form TOMY’s, now I just need to get my hands on the Origin form ones. I also got a Lapras Pokemon Kid figure. I need to look and see what year it is.

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