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New Gets Jan2014-1 So my first Pokemon gets of 2014 arrived earlier this week from SunyShore.

I got the DX sized Xerneas Pokedoll. He is super cute, though he doesn’t like to stand on his own. I need to get the other Xerneas plush that was released last year to go with him still.

I got the TOMY Fletchling plush, which is much bigger then I thought it would be. Need to hunt down the Fletchling MPC plush still.

And I got the first three pieces of my Swirlix collection, the Pokemon Center plush, the With You badge and a figure strap.

The Charizard With You badge is for DB, my fiance’s collection.

Now as I mentioned in the title of this post I also rearranged my collection a bunch to fit some Pokemon in better. Click below the cut to see those photos.

Cyndaquil-Fletchling-Torchic1Moved the Cyndaquils and Fletchlings over to the dresser so they could make friends with the Torchics. The shelf they were originally on is very close to the slanted ceiling so not good for stacking plush up.

Rotom-Sentret-Shellos-Swinub1Moved these guys from the dresser to the shelf where the fire types used to be. And yes so far all my Noibat items are custom fan made items. They really need to come out with some official Noibat stuff already.

FairyShelf plus Litwick 2And the rearranged Fairy Shelf plus Litwick. The Whimsicotts/Cottonees got stacked to make room for all the other fairies. Not really sure what I am gonna do once I have more Xerneas stuff…he takes up quite a bit of room.

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