Plush, Stickers, and Bookmarks, OH MY!

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The 1999 Farfetch’d Banpresto plush for a friend arrived. So now he has both official Farfetch’d plush.

For me a Christmas Cyndaquil Banpresto plush arrived. He is made of shiny fabrics. Sooo shiny. I also received the Mew Pokemon Time bookmark. I hope they make a Mew Pokemon Time plush at some point. And last but not least a set of Eevee Walky stickers arrived, they were way too cute not to pass up. They will be going to live on my Jolteon shelf.

I am looking forward to later this week, I have a huge package from Noppin on the way. It contains my DX Jolteon and Ichiban Kuji Mew as well as a bunch of other Pokemon goodness.

New Gets! And Huge Collection Rearrangement

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So a couple of days ago an adorable Substitute plush arrived, along with a matching strap of itself and Whimsicott. I also received the new TOMY Jolteon figure. So now I have both the old and new one.

Recently I won quite a few things off of Yahoo Japan using Noppin. So I have some more items on the way, one of which is the DX Jolteon plush. I decided to rearrange my collection to make room for him. So check out the photos after the break.

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Another small gets post!

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Yay! More new mons arrived.

First up a super cute addition to my Mew collection, the Fuzzy TOMY plush Mew. Also more fire doggie items arrived. I got the Growlithe and Arcanine Dex charms, and the Growlithe Pokemon Time Bookmark.An Ippai Jolteon appeared as well. He is super adorable in person. I was unsure of him from the photos.

And lastly a Gloom Dex charm arrived, which I got as a gift for my best friend Jaclyn. Its all Jaclyns fault I got into Pokemon in the first place.

Very small gets post! + Fire Dogs

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A very small amount of Pokemon arrived over the weekend.

Two adorable Mews arrived. One is a Keychain Mew that came out around the time of the Lucario and Mew Movie. The other is the original Mew Pokemon Kid.

I also got the Cottonee Pokedoll, which is super cute. Now I need to reorganize the Cottonee/Whimsicott shelf to fit her.

And last but not least my Growlithe Canvas plush arrived. I think it just may be the cutest Growlithe thing I own. I also did not realize how tiny it was compared to the Growlithe Pokemon Time plush or the Arcanine UFO plush. Now they just need to make an Arcanine Canvas plush.

Check below the break for a cute fire dogs picture!

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Pokemon Tails Promo!

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The Pokemon Center is coming out a super cute promo featuring the tails of various Pokemon. I am in love with the Sentret and Eevee tail items. The Slowpoke tail is also pretty awesome.  These items will be released on February 9th. I cannot wait to add some of these to my collection.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 12.18.31 AM Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 12.18.56 AM