Plush, Figures, Cards, Oh my!

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20160225_121419-1Got my custom Jolteon teddy bear plush yesterday! He is super adorable. He was made by LRK-Creations. More photos of him below the break.

Husband picked up a Rayquaza posable PokeCen plush from Target last Saturday.

Also from Saturday are the Pokemon Kid figures. We got them while at a small one day anime con. They are Lapras, Crobat, Croconaw, and Feraligator.

The buttons I bought for the Pokemon party I am having this weekend. I got everyone who is attending the party a button of their favorite starter. Since my husband and I’s buttons will be going into our collections after the party I thought why not include them in this update post.

And then a couple of days ago we picked up a Mew themed card pack. It came with that holo Mew card and the metal pin. I then pulled Raichu and Magikarp cards, so they will be added to my collection. My husband pulled a few for his collection including an adorable Flareon.

All the other cards we pulled I will add to my sale post along with the 20th Anniversary Celebi plush I picked up as well. Anyways check out below the break for more adorable Jolteon photos!

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Pokemon Trainer and Team Plush Project

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I had an idea for an amazing set of plush about a month or so ago. The idea being get a plush set done of my trainer character Kana and her Pokemon team all made to scale with each other. I asked LRK-Creations if she would be able to make them for me and she said yes! She is the same girl who made my giant Arcanine.

All of the plush will be jointed (well the ones that can be anyways). Some will also have accessories. I am so looking forward to doing photo stories featuring Kana and her team.

All of the Pokemon that will be made:
Fang the Arcanine
Truffle the Swinub
Cinnamon the Sentret
Creampuff the Whimsicott
Asiago the Jolteon
Toast the Cyndaquil
Kalliope the Lapras
Mochi the Wartortle
Tamago the Togekiss
Jello the Shellos
Sashimi the Magikarp

So far Kana and Truffle are finished. More photos below the break.


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Giant Arcanine!

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ArcanineJustOutofBoxOMG OMG OMG!!! GIANT ARCANINE!!!!! I cannot believe I finally own a giant Arcanine plush. He is so soft and cuddly. I love him to bits. Thank you so much LRK-Creations for making him. I love the custom tag and the birthday/Easter card. My cats were like WTF is this thing. Also I am not sure how he fit in the box he was sent in. He is bigger than it.

Check out some more photos after the break!

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